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Welcome to Biz Tip of the Day! This blog is dedicated to provide useful tips for business owners.  These tips are designed to inform, instruct, encourage the small business owner and budding entrepreneur. 

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    Themed Tips for every day of the week

    7 months ago

    A weekly guide to keeping the "first things first."

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    YOU are the target…BOOM! they got me

    13 months ago

    As a business owner, I realize that commercials are no longer a nuisance, but a creative bargaining tool to get your dollars.

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    The Tips are returning....

    19 months ago

    Consider this a fresh perspective on a previous idea

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    Nugget #7 –Invest in your business by building a solid foundation.

    20 months ago

    I spoke in Nugget #3 about investing (http://biztipoftheday.hubpages.com/hub/Nugget-3-Invest-in-your-domain-name-dont-let-it-expire-if-youve-created-a-successful-business-presence). As you’ve heard it before,...

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    Nugget #6 –Don’t let setbacks set you back

    21 months ago

    This may sound like a general piece of advice, but if used wisely, it can be a catalyst for change in your business. In life we all have challenges. Among my most recent challenge was finishing my Bachelor’s...

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    Nugget #5 –Comply with ADA laws

    21 months ago

    As a small business owner, your company may start out as a sole proprietorship or small partnership. Many people who strive for success with their business want to see it grow. A part of the next natural process...

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    Nugget #4 –Do what you CAN do…for free!

    21 months ago

    I took a trip to the local public library yesterday. I wonder how many people still go out and browse the shelves when they have innumerable resources at their fingertips through the World Wide Web that they can surf...

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    Nugget #3 – Invest in your domain name

    21 months ago

    Investment – “the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.” This is the first definition listed according to...

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    Nugget #2 –Remember to pay yourself

    21 months ago

    This may seem self-explanatory for established business owners, but for those starting out, remember to pay yourself; preferably after you pay your taxes. The goal of going into business for you is to earn money. The...

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    Series #1 –15 Nuggets for the budding entrepreneur

    21 months ago

    In business school, one of the first concepts learned is “supply and demand”. What are you offering customers that they need or want to buy? As a business owner, many people have a passion for the product or...

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